Welcome to the Archives Cafe

The point of this website is to provide a frontend to my private online archive of unarchived mostly PRISM content. And out-do Tahvohck.

Known unfixed bugs include search, home page, random archives not able to be played back in spite of successful upload on the back end, playback errors when twitch chat loads certain badges, and various issues causing the backend Twitch archiver to stop looking for streams until kicked.

While I do try to catch all unarchived videos, I have changed formats a few times, and borrowed files from other users when my system failed. Even if I have saved it, I will not link to member content here.

If you have any questions/concerns, or have something to add feel free to dm me on Mastodon or Discord (joey☕#8686)

This project is a fork/clone of the Ragtag Archive. Check out their source code here.


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